А new campaign “Help ukrainian army online” has started

“Samooborona Volyn” has started a new project to support the Ukrainian army.

Many people are ready to help our soldiers but they lack time, their tough working schedule prevents them from joining our aid campaigns fully. Nevertheless, they do have a great desire to help.


Taking into account this situation, we decided to launch a new unlimited campaign “Help the Ukrainian Army online”.

The objective of our campaign is very simple: you can buy all the necessary accoutrements and other items from the given list and send them to the address of “Samooborona Volyn”.

After we receive the item, we will redirect it to the soldiers. The information report about the received and further redirected items will be displayed in a specific section on our web page.

We have prepared the list of the necessary for our soldiers accoutrements and other things. The list has links to these items on the internet markets.

Your task is just to choose the things that you are willing to buy; order their shipping to the address of “Samooborona Volyn” and pay for your purchase.

We have chosen the international online shop http://www.aliexpress.com as one of the most trustworthy resources that provides payment and shipping protection, moderate prices and free shipping to Ukraine. Even a 1 $ price item will be shipped to Ukraine for free.

You can also choose similar articles in other online shops that you prefer.


INSTRUCTIONS how to order items onhttp://www.aliexpress.com HERE

After you order an item according to the given instructions, you have to inform us with a letter sent to our address helparmyonline@gmail.com. Please mention what item have you bought, state the date of your purchase and the tracking number of your package.

Shipping time may take 2-5 weeks (for example from China to Ukraine).

After we receive your package, we will send you a receipt and photos.

We will redirect all the received items to various subdivisions of the Ukrainian Armed forces.

Contacts: +38 050 378 24 99

E-mail: helparmyonline@gmail.com